Nestled beside the vibrant West Calgary Farmer's Market and providing seamless access to downtown Calgary and the breathtaking Rocky Mountains, Upper Greenwich is poised to become an exceptional community that homeowners will cherish. Offering picturesque views of the Bow River Valley, this remarkable development by Partners Development Group features various housing options such as front drive garage estate homes, beautiful paired homes with stone accents, and canal-fronting waterfront luxury townhomes in its initial phase, catering to various lifestyle preferences.

In this article, we've explored the top exclusive features that set Upper Greenwich apart, encompassing factors like prime location, innovative home designs, natural surroundings, and unmatched accessibility. Join us as we delve into the unique offerings that make Upper Greenwich a truly exceptional choice for homeowners seeking unparalleled quality and a thriving community spirit in Calgary.

Top Exclusive Features Offered by Partners Development Group in Upper Greenwich

Situated conveniently beside the West Calgary Farmer's Market and providing quick and easy access to both downtown Calgary and the Rocky Mountains, Upper Greenwich is slated to be a one-of-a-kind community in Calgary that homeowners will be proud to call home. Overlooking the Bow River Valley, Upper Greenwich will feature front drive garage estate homes, luxury paired homes, and canal-fronting waterfront luxury townhomes in its first phase, something for every lifestyle.

Prime Location and Accessibility

Upper Greenwich, developed by Partners Development Group, has an unbeatable location. Situated near key attractions like the West Calgary Farmer's Market, this community provides seamless connectivity to downtown Calgary and the striking Rocky Mountains. The prime location offers residents a perfect balance of city life meets nature, catering to various commuting and recreational needs.

1. Proximity to West Calgary Farmer's Market: Adjacent to the bustling West Calgary Farmer's Market, Upper Greenwich residents will enjoy convenient access to fresh produce, local vendors, and unique shopping experiences.

2. Easy Access to Downtown Calgary: The community offers swift and straightforward routes to downtown Calgary, allowing residents to effortlessly navigate work, entertainment, and shopping options in the city's core.

3. Scenic Drives to the Rocky Mountains: For outdoor adventurers and nature enthusiasts, Upper Greenwich is a launching point for quick escapes to the awe-inspiring Rocky Mountains.

Innovative Home Designs

With over 25 years of building multi family homes developed with wellness in mind, Partners Development Group ensures that Upper Greenwich offers various housing options suitable for diverse lifestyles and families at different stages. The community will feature front drive garage estate homes, luxury paired homes with stone accents, and canal-fronting luxury waterfront townhomes in its initial phase, all designed to emphasize space, practicality, and aesthetics.

1. Front Drive Garage Estate Homes: These stunning single-family homes provide each residence with its own attached garage, offering convenience, privacy, and additional storage space for homeowners. Upper Greenwich is excited to have three incredible builders, FiftySix, New West and Luxuria Homes, building the community’s estate homes.

2. Paired Homes: These innovative dual-residences showcase thoughtfully designed spaces that combine style and functionality, enhancing the sense of community and connection within Upper Greenwich. The gorgeous paired homes feature stone and wood accents, and start in the low $700s.

3. Luxury Waterfront Townhomes: Offering premium waterfront living fronting the community’s canal system, these luxury townhomes boast stylish design, modern amenities, and spectacular views of the canal and surrounding area. The four-storey townhomes will feature prominent brick architecture and will include rooftop patios with incredible views.

Natural Surroundings and Landscapes

One of the key attractions of Upper Greenwich is the remarkable natural environment surrounding the community. Residents will relish the breathtaking views, lush green spaces, and outdoor recreational opportunities that make Upper Greenwich an idyllic haven for active families and nature lovers.

1. Bow River Valley Views: Upper Greenwich overlooks the serene Bow River Valley, providing residents with striking panoramas that can be enjoyed from the comfort of their homes or nearby outdoor spaces.

2. Green Spaces and Parks: With multiple green spaces and parks interwoven throughout the community, residents can indulge in leisurely outdoor activities, picnic gatherings, or scenic strolls to unwind and soak in the tranquil ambiance.

3. Proximity to the Rocky Mountains: Upper Greenwich is an excellent base for those seeking to explore the majestic Rocky Mountains, providing ample opportunities for hiking, camping, skiing, and other outdoor adventures, living in Upper Greenwich makes it easy to make your weekend escape.

No Condo Fee Waterfront Townhomes & Luxury Paired Homes

In keeping with the Partners Development Group's commitment to delivering exceptional value and convenience to homeowners, Upper Greenwich offers a selection of No Condo Fee waterfront townhomes and paired homes. This exclusive feature allows residents to enjoy the benefits of community living without the added burden of monthly condo fees, resulting in significant cost savings.

1. Financial Advantage: The absence of monthly condo fees translates to financial savings and greater flexibility for homeowners when allocating funds to other aspects of their lives.

2. Low-Maintenance Lifestyle: Despite being free of condo fees, Upper Greenwich homeowners can still enjoy the advantages of a low-maintenance lifestyle, with front landscaping included in the purchase of your home.

3. Increased Homeownership Appeal: The combination of waterfront living, innovative home designs, and the absence of condo fees make Upper Greenwich an even more attractive option for potential homebuyers; from first-timers, to up-sizers, to right-sizers looking for their next home.

Future-Ready Community

While Upper Greenwich is in the early stages of construction, plans are in place to ensure a smooth and efficient development process. Prospective homeowners can be confident that Upper Greenwich will emerge as a thriving community with an unwavering emphasis on quality, innovation, and wellness.

Experience the Upper Greenwich Lifestyle

Upper Greenwich combines modern living, idyllic natural surroundings, and exceptional convenience, making it an ideal community for homeowners seeking a uniquely fulfilling lifestyle. Developed by the reputable Partners Development Group, this visionary community offers diverse home styles, waterfront living options without condo fees, and prime access to key locations such as downtown Calgary, the West Calgary Farmer's Market, and the magnificent Rocky Mountains. As we eagerly await the start of construction, we invite you to envision a life of unparalleled quality and connection at Upper Greenwich—a community thoughtfully designed with wellness, innovation, and comfort in mind.

Now is your chance to pioneer a new community in the heart of Calgary. Don't miss this unparalleled opportunity to become a part of Upper Greenwich's vibrant community. Contact us today to learn more about the distinctive features and Calgary housing options available, and be among the first to call this exceptional development home.