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This website includes the latest information about the Upper Greenwich project. We would like to thank all those who participated in our engagement program. This item will be heard at the April 8th Calgary Planning Commission Meeting and the May 10th Public Hearing of Council.

About the Project

The Greenbriar Development Corporation submitted an Outline Plan and Land Use Amendment Application to the City of Calgary for a new Residential Neighbourhood in southwest Calgary called ‘Upper Greenwich.’

The project design is inspired by its proximity to the Bow River and the Bow River Valley. It is centered on bringing people together in outdoor spaces and incorporating natural elements like water and vegetation throughout the plan area.

What are Outline Plans and Land Use Amendments?

Outline Plan: provides a detailed description of what a subject site will look like once it is developed.

Land Use Amendment: this planning application changes the land use district of a property to allow for a  different, particular form of development.

 Master Plan Elements

  • A diversity of open spaces with a variety of amenities for active and passive recreation

  • A range of housing options from single-family homes to condominiums

  • Higher density development that capitalizes on the distinct viewshed along the north escarpment

  • A network of on-street pathways that connect pedestrians and cyclists  to adjacent trails and recreational amenities

  • A multi-modal transportation system that is designed for safe and efficient transit, vehicular, cyclist and pedestrian circulation

  • A series of publicly accessible green courts and private amenity spaces within comprehensive development sites to create green connections and unique terminating vistas

  • A linear reflecting pool is featured as a prominent element in our neighbourhood centre that is encircled by pedestrian-oriented streets and three storey urban townhomes

  • A central park space that is situated at the heart of the neighbourhood and offers direct views and physical connections to the Bow River Valley

Project Timeline & Process

About the Developers

Greenbriar Development Corporation (GDC) and Partners Development Group (PDG) led the development and submission of the Land Use Amendment and Outline Plan applications for Upper Greenwich. GDC is a member of the Parkside Development group which has owned and operated manufactured home communities in Calgary and Alberta for more than twenty years.

Since 1998, PDG has completed numerous multi-family projects in Southern Alberta, totaling over 1,300 builds. Each of our developments’ individual success has been mirrored by the years of experience of our planning, design, and construction teams, along with our sales and marketing specialists.

The Greenbriar lands were acquired by the group in 1992. Since that time, the owners have prepared a vision for the community that will work harmoniously with nature and respect the surrounding context.

Greenbriar development corporation

What We’ve Heard

Starting in March 2020, the online survey was made available in place of a previously planned open house that was cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions. Summarized below are the main topics heard during that initial outreach:

Response: Outdoor, naturalized gathering spaces is an integral part of the community, that’s why six parks are incorporated into the design. A variety of park elements are proposed within these parks including: playgrounds, pickle ball, exercise stations, dog park, seating, pathways and informal open areas. Open space accounts for about 17% of the total plan area.

Response: The application has included 8-10 storey apartments within the north portion of the plan. These are intended to offer a number of views for residents into the Bow River Valley corridor, and are not anticipated to cause shadowing impacts. These will be signature buildings and will be partially covered by existing vegetation if viewed from across the river.

Response: The City of Calgary required an updated Transportation Impact Assessment as part of the application submission. All analysis was completed as per the scope required by the City of Calgary. They will ensure they are satisfied with it’s results before moving forward with approval of the application.

Response: We understand the importance of the trail system. This application is not proposing formal pathways into the privately owned trail system and will limit access as best as possible. It is desired to have a park feature directly adjacent so this area that can be viewed and celebrated. We are unable to control informal trails that have been created into this area, however we are protecting the trees located in the north portion of our plan area.


Project Information Package – March 2021
What We Heard Report – March 2021

Get Involved

The online public engagement program for the project has now concluded.  Thank you for your participation.  The findings of our engagement have been summarized into a report and is available in the Resources Section above.


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